Appreciations by Industry Stalwarts

Dr. Ali Khwaja, B Tech (IIT), MIE, MIIM, Ph.D

Counsellor, Columnist and Life Skills Coach

Chairman, Banjara Academy

Few people are blessed with a soft, melodious and pleasing voice. Fewer can boast of a combination of a soft voice with a softer temperament. Going beyond the call of duty, I found Rashmi to be a person who not only thinks outside the box, but literally climbs out of it – to do what others do not even think of, to be proactive and carve out her own path.

She has the unique ability to reach out to others, giving them what they want, working for a cause, rising above personal needs, and keeping the goal of good life clear in her mind. She is multi-talented, a prolific speaker, an effective motivator, an enthralling announcer, and most of all, a wonderful human being.

Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to be part of her radio programs, attend her workshop on faculty training, watched her organize events for youth, and have always been very impressed with her sincerity and commitment. She has potential far beyond what she has reached so far, and I will proudly look forward to seeing her attain the best.