Exclusive Women Coaching

Nature has blessed her best creation called Woman. There are two parts of her. One is for herself  & the other is what she reserves for the world. A balance between these two is important to be happy. There is a lot within her, which many a time remains untapped. Agree?  Want the best in you or your employees to translate into action? Then  this is the program to reach out to, especially for the realisation of the true potential within.

Smooth Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions are a constant. The roles & expectations alter as much as job responsibilities. In the competitive space, time is the biggest constraint to prove oneself, however, it is mandatory.
Winner Within is a program that focuses on the attitude one carries, as it plays an important role in the challenges he/she faces. The biggest influences that shapes ones attitudes needs to be understood. The nuances of goal setting, its importance & the participants ‘ challenging goals departmentally are discussed in detail. This then sets the tone for discussing Problem-solving techniques. PAIN model of Problem solving is then explored.
Working in teams has its advantages & disadvantages. Conflicts can be seen as either. The importance of risk taking is then emphasized justifying why the manager should move to the role of a mentor. The line dividing a mentor & coach is thin but definite. How the role of a manger is prime to enable the growth is what is seen with role-plays. In the process of this workshop what we can identify is the WINNER WITHIN.

Keeping the story teller alive 

Every one amongst us is a storyteller. It is storytellers who have an audience clued in whether it is a team meeting or presentations. How do you do both effectively? How do you make people listen when you speak? How to become an effective public speaker or build your presentation skills? Of course how to keep the storyteller alive?

The metamorphosis of CHANGE

Change management is a necessity today. Clichéd as it may sound, it is important to stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. The competition is intense & peer pressure tremendous for you to keep pace. How would you work around to help your team buy the importance of CHANGE?

How to work around the attitudinal shift?

Fluctuating scenarios, volatile world & keeping pace with the right attitude – a tough balancing act for today’s leaders. In the humdrum of everyday routines & challenges, the nagging question remains, are we exploring our full potential? As leaders are we able to harness the unlimited innovation hidden? Do we pause to assess ourselves because OUR perceptions shape our outlook & our decisions? selfI is all about moving from our circle of Concern to operating from our circle of Influence. It helps you identify the reasons of the unexplored within & makes you understand that the selfI you take henceforth is definitely beyond what meets the eye. It helps you Believe, Empower, Achieve the set goals & tap the power of the I within.

Ready Steady Go

A Work-life balance workshop that includes proper prioritizing between career and ambition with pleasure on one hand & leisure and spiritual development on the other. This Balance is the core of a quality life and carries with it the great benefits of clear thinking, effective decision-making, creativity and a sense of belonging and relatedness & at the end result of it all is “Happiness”, thus enabling the individual and indirectly the organization to function more effectively and productively.