1) The Power of Double U” – Exclusive Women Coaching: Nature has blessed her best creation called Woman. There are two parts of her. One is for herself  & the other is what she reserves for the world. A balance between these two is important to be happy. There is a lot within her, which many a time remains untapped. Agree?  Want the best in you or your employees to translate to action, then this is the programme to the reach out to the realization of the true potential within.

2)“Frame Worthy” – Team building with film making. Film making to make sure that a team can work wonders! How we can tap the creative genius in each of us & understand that when we are a team we can do work that is FRAMEWORTHY!

3) IMPACT- “The Communicator within” – Bringing out the hidden presenter: All of us communicate. A few amongst us however make an IMPACT every time they make a point. What are the steps to move from Efficient to Effective?  A workshop to understand how to make an IMPACT?

4) “Mentoring Skills” – A customized programme for Institutions, Teachers & Corporates. Often mistaken for coaching, mentoring when done well has the desired effect. We all know ”Being successful doesn’t necessarily make you great. What makes you great is when you are empowered to help somebody else become great.” Such people are hard to find. BECOME THAT MENTOR!

5) ” Self” – Fluctuating scenarios, volatile world & keeping pace with the right attitude- although  balancing act for today’s leaders. In the humdrum of everyday routines & challenges, the nagging question remains, are we exploring our full potential? As leaders are we able to harness the unlimited innovation hidden? Do we pause to assess ourselves because OUR perceptions shape our outlook & our decisions?
selfI is all about moving from our circle of Concern to operating from our circle of Influence. It helps you identify the reasons of the unexplored within & makes you understand that the selfI you take henceforth is definitely beyond what meets the eye. It helps you Believe, Empower, Achieve the set goals & tap the power of the I within.