Smooth Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions are a constant. The roles & expectations alter as much as job responsibilities. In the competitive space, time is the biggest constraint to prove oneself, however, it is mandatory.
Winner Within is a program that focuses on the attitude one carries, as it plays an important role in the challenges he/she faces. The biggest influences that shapes ones attitudes needs to be understood. The nuances of goal setting, its importance & the participants ‘ challenging goals departmentally are discussed in detail. This then sets the tone for discussing Problem-solving techniques. PAIN model of Problem solving is then explored.
Working in teams has its advantages & disadvantages. Conflicts can be seen as either. The importance of risk taking is then emphasized justifying why the manager should move to the role of a mentor. The line dividing a mentor & coach is thin but definite. How the role of a manger is prime to enable the growth is what is seen with role-plays. In the process of this workshop what we can identify is the WINNER WITHIN.