Shashi Kapoor – An actor with great Attitude

One of the my favourite actors of Hindi films, I loved him for his looks, smile, charm, dimples, acting, flamboyance & most of all the songs that were picturised on him. Over the years, I read about him & adored his love for his family especially his wife Jennifer Kendal. Everyone who knew him described him as thoroughly humble & a thorough gentleman. He always believed he had a happy childhood. When I was an RJ ( Radio Jockey ) , I loved it when I had to do specials. Even though he was a reluctant actor to films & theatre remained his first love he was fortunate to have a line up of songs picturised on him , that was always great. All songs featuring him were beautiful. Today while news channels were paying their tribute, one channel played an interview recorded with him a few years ago. Some of the aspects he shared on his life reflected his amazing attitude towards life & so thought would share what I understood about this amazing Person. Read More

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