Virtual Articulation Narrating Instrument

Testimonials for VANI

Uma Maheshwari Director,  Defence Ministry Govt of India

Many thanks to The Third Eye and Mrs Rashmi Shetty for taking me on a beautiful journey of self discovery . Enrolling in the VANI program is the best decision I had made during the lockdown .It was both relief and blessing to channelize the time and energy in honing the skills in various forms of communication. It has helped me in strengthening my voice and also enabled me to articulate my thoughts with gait and confidence. From narrating stories to making impactful presentation in a structured format, this program has definitely has increased the leadership quotient in me.

Rashmi Coach

Working with Rashmi Shetty has helped me to speak with greater inner freedom. The inner judge inside me wanted me to be ‘perfect’ and it used to restrict me. But in giving up the perfection, I found ease and flow. This is thanks to Rashmi’s coaching style where she herself goes with the client’s flow and needs; gives valuable feedback as well as technical tips on the how and what of your voice: pauses, expression, tonality, etc.

Sindhu Life coach

Rashmi is the epitome of an ideal woman who embodies great confidence through her humility, her nurturing quality, the expertise of an experienced credentialed coach, her articulate and magnificent style of speaking demonstrated through her experience as an AIR- RJ, which she shares through her life lessons at 'Meaningful Mondays" sealed with an ever pleasant demeanor and a constant smile in all her interactions. These aspects of her instantly drew me to want to learn from the pages of her book. I have benefited in more ways than I ever imagined through her curated one-on-one sessions, which were packed with content and integrated with a coaching approach to far exceeding my goals. It is a pleasure to connect with her, she is very resourceful and generous with her sharing, and I am very grateful to know her. Thank you, an awesome lot Rashmi!”

Heena Saini CISCO

VANI - The Power of our Soul! The power which sometimes we suppress & sometimes, if not modulated or articulated right causes the harm to other's soul. The same grass root concern, the platform "VANI" by "The Third Eye" knit together by, none other than exceptional coach in this sector, "Rashmi Shetty".   Rashmi as a "VANI" coach just not only focused on the voice of her coachee. She nurtures the sessions with a holistic approach of making sure that the Vocabulary" used for "Articulation" of statement is in conjunction to our "Non-Verbal Cues" & radiates the right "Inflexion" in our "VANI"


Thank you for introducing me to a UNIQUE and the most important concept VANI. I have been part of various coaching conversations, read many books, and participated in leadership workshops, however, this program stands out as a CONDENSED VERSION of all the titbits required to lead life personally and professionally. It's UNIQUE: *Packaging the critical concepts SIMPLE yet IMPACTFUL *Combo of MIND, BODY, and SOUL *Creating MENTAL WEALTH from MENTAL HEALTH *What we say to HOW WE SAY *Continue to learn and unlearn LIFE lessons personally / professionally. *Most Important of all the POWER OF INNER VOICE when heard can always be modulated as an external voice that can be heard and that creates YOUR IDENTITY be it virtual/Real-world. Special mention for all the energy you bring around you. RASHMI RADIATES POSITIVE ENERGY!


As a kid and even today, we read and listen that, the Creator can’t come Himself so He manifests Himself in everybody’s life in some form or other. We need to see Him and feel Him. My Heartfelt Gratitude to you Ma’am, for everything! Uncovering many colorful dimensions of myself. To be able to love my own Voice more and more. To Enable me to unleash my own hidden treasures. Besides VANI’s impact on me, it’s YOU who impacted me up to a great extent. VANI &YOU .. beautiful combination for everyone. The list can go on. Thankful to you forever.


"The sessions with Rashmi Shetty began with tools and techniques for voice modulation and communication enhancement. But in the course of our journey, I found in her someone with whom I could share other challenges too. She always had an answer to show me the direction. That’s the reason I feel she is more than just a voice coach. Every session with her left me energized and charged up with the motivation to do something. At the end of the course, I realized I was much more confident in public speaking, and there was also a shift in my mindset. Now each time I am asked to speak, or even if anyone requests me to sing a song, it’s as though I have a magic button to switch on. I recall Rashmi’s Shetty’s face, and automatically I am ready. Though it may sound weird, that’s what I have been doing. The course unleashed something within me, making me more positive and confident. It’s a course worth taking for those who wish to build confidence, develop their speaking skills, and open up as a person. Most of the courses in the market are highly priced. But here you have someone who has priced her course such that most women, wanting to experience a change, can avail it. I sincerely thank Rashmi Shetty for this beautiful voyage of self-improvement and self-development."


I always thought the issue was with my voice, it's too childish or soft and that was the issue. But through VANI, I understood it's about how we effectively use our voice. And that also means being self-aware and working from a conscious place of understanding yourself. So I got a lot more than I expected signing up. I looked forward to my sessions with Rashmi, understanding my voice, how it reflects my emotions and personality, and learning techniques to center myself and effectively use my voice. I've understood that no one thing exists on it's own, it's a consequence of different aspects of your life and that's why Rashmi's holistic approach to coaching was so very valuable. And as a bonus, she is so wonderful to talk to as well, sharing such rich insights and experiences, that there was always a takeaway from every interaction. I would highly recommend VANI to anyone looking to not only learn to understand and use their voice more effectively but also for well-rounded training and guidance. It's an investment that has made a world of difference to me.


Rashmi, thank you so much for the wonderful VANI Coaching session. Each session was fantastic, and you were extremely helpful in providing pertinent feedback and correcting my mistakes. This incredible three-month journey with you was thoroughly enjoyable. I am confident that I will apply all my learnings into practice in my day-to-day work.