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Virtual Articulation Narrating Instrument

Her skills with VOICE are what she delivers with her program VANI for enhancing virtual presentation skills. A one-on-one customized coaching program she conceived to enhance virtual presence in your
climb to leadership during the pandemic in 2020.

Creating Meaningful Relationships in a Team

The journey from ME to WE is a beautiful on. The journey from an individual contributor to a Team player is a contemplative one.

We communicate 24/7 and so it becomes important that we do it right. Many a time it is not “what” we say but “how” we say it that makes all the difference. The main objective is not to focus only on verbal communication but on non-verbal communication too.

Getting Inward to find your VOICE

Fluctuating scenarios, volatile world & keeping pace with the right attitude – a tough balancing act for today’s leaders. In the humdrum of everyday routines & challenges, the nagging question remains, are we exploring our full potential to get in touch with our VOICE  & Vocal Presence? As leaders are we able to harness the unlimited innovation hidden? 

Many a time we do not realise there is so much in the way we say what we say  & our vocal presence only enhances it!

Coaching both virtually & face to face, this is a sought after coaching, amongst those on their leadership journey. This is mainly to  get in touch  with  the power of one’s Vocal Presence  exploring it  with the coaching framework  VOICE.

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