SELFi- Communication Coaching
(one on one - customised)

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“Communication works for those who work at it.” – John Powell
There cannot be a better way to understand the power of practice to hone your communication skills. Regular input & practice can bring about a big change. These sessions will be working on Vocal Elements to build Vocal Presence. Coaching both virtually & face to face, this is a sought-after coaching, amongst those on their leadership journey. This is mainly to get in touch with the power of one’s Vocal Presence exploring it with the coaching framework VOICE which is customized to the need of the client. Thus  creating SELFI as a one-on-one , because each one’s voice is uniquely their own just like their individual selves!

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An Agile Coach, Leading Global Bank

"In my engagement with 'The Third Eye', I have gone through the "SELFi" program of impactful voice communication coaching with Rashmi Shetty. I found Rashmi a resourceful voice coach who customize the program as per client's needs. She knows her work well and provides regular feedback on improvement areas. I found this program valuable. I am more confident in my communication, and better in business storytelling for creating the impact."

Aamir Senior Leader

"Working with Rashmi Shetty was a delightful experience. Not only is she a subject matter expert and professional in her domain, her energy is infectious and she is someone you feel extremely comfortable opening up to which is so critical to discover your true potential. She exhibited a genuine interest in my progress and development during and even after the program, and in that regard I found her work ethic unparalleled. An excellent coach and human being one can learn a lot from."

Senior Leader Strategy Lead

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible coaching journey we've embarked upon together. Your guidance and expertise have played a crucial role in enhancing my self-awareness and refining my executive presence. Your coaching style is truly remarkable. The way you seamlessly combined theory with practical performance coaching made the learning experience engaging and relevant. I appreciate the targeted approach you took, tailoring each session to address my specific needs and challenges. Admittedly, some sessions were quite daunting, particularly when we had to record myself and engage in impromptu exercises-- the nature pictures remain a trap. However, I recognize that it was through these challenging moments that I experienced significant growth. Your unwavering support and encouragement during these times were instrumental in building my confidence and pushing me to explore new possibilities. I'm particularly grateful for the improvements I've seen in my ability to think on the spot and become a better storyteller, focusing on expressing rather than impressing. Your insightful feedback and constructive suggestions have made a noticeable difference in my communication skills, and I now feel more equipped to inspire and engage others effectively. Once again, thank you for your dedication and commitment to my personal and professional development. Your coaching has been transformative, and I feel more empowered than ever to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. I look forward to continuing this journey with you at some point and building upon the progress we've made so far.

Ramesh Senior IT Professional

"After 30 years in the IT industry as an individual contributor mainly on the technical side, I realised I needed to polish up on my soft skills. Rashmi was recommended to me by a friend as a coach. My sessions with her definitely helped me realise my potential in this area. Her experience was evident right from the word go, where she proved to be an empathetic listener. She has a structured approach in which she conducts her sessions which can be used for continuous improvement even after the sessions are over."

Naveen Senior HR leader

“Voice coach is about tongue and throat exercises is what I had thought. As we end these sessions, I am much more aware of self and environment, able to express my emotions in a way it makes maximum impact on audience, understand my own biases to a different style and able to work through and change when required. I think Rashmi in a short period of time has made a great impact in the way I am growing as a Leader. Thank you, Rashmi. I know there are miles to walk and loads of practice, but your help has clearly speeded my journey towards mastery”.

Director- Financial Services

"I wish to convey my sincere thanks to Rashmi for helping me overcome my hesitation while speaking in different forums, big or small; to structure my thoughts better and to provide a more effective delivery; through which I could connect more with the audience and they all could relate and find something or other pertinent in my deliveries. This well-structured coaching journey made a huge difference to me in my personality and I am already seeing its positive results in my professional life too. This coaching provided me enough confidence to continue relevant and meaningful through effective communication. I sincerely wish to thank you, Rashmi, for all your help and support."

Anil Kumar P.V Senior Director

“I had the opportunity to have multiple discussions and sessions with Rashmi Shetty for the last several months. I can tell that it has been an amazing experience talking to her and getting a different perspective on life. She put forth things in a very subtle and simple way which makes you feel what changes you will have to do with yourself to become a better version of yourself. I can say that every session with Rashmi, i was eagerly looking upon and become very energized after the session. Thanks, Rashmi, for these sessions, and wishing you all the very best. “