Why small is in fact BIG!

Many a times in life the most most memorable moments are those that money cannot buy! I caught up with a school friend recently . I made a card which had a poem I wrote recalling our good times. I gave it to her after a nice warm hug. I saw tears rolling down our eyes . I realised I did not have to say to her how special she was. It was simple act from my end but it made such a huge difference to her smile:-) Read More

Swami Vivekananda’s speech on Bhakti & it’s relevance today

Swami Vivekananda’s thirty nine years on this earth was a powerful time where his influence in every area was UNBELIEVABLE. His lectures are a great read & prove that he was way ahead of his time. His ability to simplify deep philosophy to reach the common man was successful. Each of his quotes is simple for both easy understanding & recall. Came across a compilation of his speeches & reading them was such a pleasure. Read More


2017 has ended .A heartfelt Thank you for connecting & staying connected. Unhappiness & disappointments may have made us weak. Success & cheer may have pushed us higher.Either way life has given us what we deserve. Time now to PAUSE & see what we carry forward & what we leave behind. Negativity & bitterness we can sure leave behind. Read More

Shashi Kapoor – An actor with great Attitude

One of the my favourite actors of Hindi films, I loved him for his looks, smile, charm, dimples, acting, flamboyance & most of all the songs that were picturised on him. Over the years, I read about him & adored his love for his family especially his wife Jennifer Kendal. Everyone who knew him described him as thoroughly humble & a thorough gentleman. He always believed he had a happy childhood. When I was an RJ ( Radio Jockey ) , I loved it when I had to do specials. Even though he was a reluctant actor to films & theatre remained his first love he was fortunate to have a line up of songs picturised on him , that was always great. All songs featuring him were beautiful. Today while news channels were paying their tribute, one channel played an interview recorded with him a few years ago. Some of the aspects he shared on his life reflected his amazing attitude towards life & so thought would share what I understood about this amazing Person. Read More

Challenges of Women Leaders

What a powerful thought of Sheryl Sandberg! Can this be a reality some day? As a Women’s Leadership Coach, there are women entrepreneurs I have coached & what an amazing learning it has been! Immaterial of where they come from, women are blessed with a good Emotional Quotient. They are empathetic & are very intuitive too. PFB an interview with Indira Nooyi where she covers all these & more. Read More