The future is for us to see no longer, the uncertainties are certain. Each day, as it unfolds, is making us ponder, time for us to pull up our curtain. Put your best self out each moment; moments matter, factor them in. Measure those who matter, pause to believe you can make it win -win. Life is a blessing, each breath, each moment, each relationship you choose., There will come times when you should be wise to choose or refuse. The current scenario is a challenge for all of us to look within and without Make a difference to each one you meet, make an IMPACT, leave no doubt. Life has many surprises, a lot to unravel, a lot to understand. The last year has been proof, we have the chance to now expand. Our thoughts, our attitudes, our minds with its expanse to increase Our knowledge, our awareness, and be the complete human who loves peace! Reimagining a future we have no idea about, with challenges galore, A human being is all we need to become, in all that we do more and more. Take that journey within to see how much you can explore and discover. Cheers to a future that is only going to be fascinating to uncover. Layer by layer, peel by peel, a discovery that can only help us recover From anger and everything negative, moving towards happiness and accelerate, A MEANINGFUL LIFE THAT WE ARE HERE TO UNFOLD, UNRAVEL AND CELEBRATE!