MY PURPOSE, MY DREAM- published as-part of an anthology of poems to create a world record

As I stood and faced the audience, I felt a choke in my voice,
To appeal and give a reason on why I am their best choice.
Little did I know the booing & the hooting will spur me to find
that the tears & the shame will be reminders of all that I need to bind
Who I can be, What I can do, how I can discover the real me?
The process had just begun, the practice was the only guarantee.
Life is a journey; we all are travelers moving onward unknowingly.
The stations we stop on, are designed to prepare us seemingly,
for every challenge that life is all set to throw at us, not knowing
our prep is our process, the chiseling is all we need in growing.
My journey, my purpose, my dream is all I could see unfold clearly
my pain, my shame was but a reason, for me to come out cheerily…
from the cocoon and proudly fly high with my colorful wings and erase my frown,
To reach my highest potential and be the catalyst to help others find their crown!