Shashi Kapoor – An actor with great Attitude

One of the my favourite actors of Hindi films, I loved him for his looks, smile, charm, dimples, acting, flamboyance & most of all the songs that were picturised on him. Over the years, I read about him & adored his love for his family especially his wife Jennifer Kendal. Everyone who knew him described him as thoroughly humble & a thorough gentleman. He always believed he had a happy childhood. When I was an RJ ( Radio Jockey ) , I loved it when I had to do specials. Even though he was a reluctant actor to films & theatre remained his first love he was fortunate to have a line up of songs picturised on him , that was always great. All songs featuring him were beautiful. Today while news channels were paying their tribute, one channel played an interview recorded with him a few years ago. Some of the aspects he shared on his life reflected his amazing attitude towards life & so thought would share what I understood about this amazing Person. Read More

Challenges of Women Leaders

What a powerful thought of Sheryl Sandberg! Can this be a reality some day? As a Women’s Leadership Coach, there are women entrepreneurs I have coached & what an amazing learning it has been! Immaterial of where they come from, women are blessed with a good Emotional Quotient. They are empathetic & are very intuitive too. PFB an interview with Indira Nooyi where she covers all these & more. Read More

Attachment vs Detachment

The Popular Indian epic Mahabharata is a story of brothers’ kids fighting to get what is rightfully theirs. War is declared between the cousins. Just before the war begins one of the most powerful warriors amongst them Arjuna is completely lost in the wave of emotions & can see everyone in the enemy camp as a relative rather than as part of the opposition he is out there to destroy. With Krishna as his charioteer starts some of the finest coaching lessons through the “Bhagavad-Gita.” Read More

Beyond the call of duty= EXCELLENCE

Mr.Subroto Bagchi, the vice chairman & cofounder of Mindtree Ltd., in his bestseller, “The Professional” has some interesting observations. He says,”….. at a fundamental level, there are three qualities that make someone a true professional: the ability to work unsupervised, the ability to certify the completion of a job or task & finally the ability to behave with integrity at all times.” These qualities definitely help an individual move to a space where he is completely respected for the way he works. Read More

Musical High

“Talent is a gift from God. That is something that you are born with. To be able to be born with singing talent is just a gift. You can learn how to sing better, but you cannot learn to sing with certain quality. It is just something you are born with.”Perfect words of Sharon Osbourne especially when you meet & listen to artistes like Mrs. Aruna Sairam. A very popular Carnatic singer Padma Sri Aruna Sairam is a pleasure to listen to mainly because she enjoys what she does. Her concerts are always a success & her ability to keep her audience hooked phenomenal.  Read More