Connecting the Dots…

Looking back at my story…
 A few roles of my life are special where I made a difference to those who matter,
The thoughts are aplenty on how I handled challenging situations to factor
That the limited resources and knowledge were all I had with me to encounter
the inner fears, doubts, and misgivings and all that I had floundered
In the journey of choices & compulsions that came to me like a mixed bag
The results were all there for me to see, some I was proud of, some had a red flag.
I looked at the courage I have gathered over the years, the wisdom over the tears,
And smiled at what all I had gained in the process of the roleplays I had undertaken.
I walked with my feet all light, my smile bright and the colorful umbrella I had all shaken
off the water droplets that the rain had left behind. I realized all I had carried with me
Passion with compassion in this beautiful life – the journeys each was to set me free
from the shackles I had wound myself with, from what I heard around me, to fit in
To be accepted by those I thought mattered… when all I needed to do was, to look within
The answer I received; the message was clear. Merely be my instrument, let the music flow.
The notes are there within, Allow the composer to take over, He knows how to make you GLOW!