An unexpected trip to Vaishno Devi changed my perspective about how I celebrated the Divine Feminine every year.

That time of the year when we celebrate the DIVINE FEMININE within is once again here!

As the first day of Navaratri is slowly coming to an end, Let’s Pause & Introspect…

Make sure that recognition is duly given to the strength you possess

Mindfully stop the chatter, as the real YOU, you assess.

Watch carefully for the critic who highlights all that is wrong,

Instead, focus on something you have been working on to make you strong.

Resolve to work with all faith on the self and be calm

Constantly getting out of the comfort zone and not looking for a balm.

Reason out with the self as to what makes you unique and so different,

To tap into oneself to see how you can pull out all that it takes to be magnificent.

Let us all resolve to get in touch with who we are, true and genuine

Maybe this will help you with what is important -the DIVINE FEMININE!

Wishing you a great time as you explore within, to tap into all that you are blessed with This Navaratri and make it memorable & meaningful to both you & your families!

Stay blessed!