There are 12 Universal Laws intrinsically interwoven into existence

Let us dissect them one by one with the least resistance.

Each of us is so distinctly different from one another 

Nature all around us intertwines her presence yet does not smother 

Tolerating our complete disregard to what she can give us and how she needs

With this our destruction is what we create with our deeds

The way we have forgotten to coexist

Our greed and its fulfilment, not the only motivators to exist

The signs of the imbalance are telling 

With the trees & fauna that we are felling 

Let us all acknowledge our inter dependencies 

Its Nature whose superpowers we need not push to force emergencies

Live & let live is her mantra all along

Let us join in and learn to sing her song

After All….

We are part of one universal wholeness

The purpose of our lives is to recognise this ONENESS!